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Hand Winch Guide

Using a Hand Winch Safely



If you have a hand winch, you have a great tool. Winches can help lift loads safely and easily, whether you are pulling four wheelers out of dirt and muck or hoisting up hay bales. This tool should be used with safety. Below are some of the ways by which a hand winch can be used safely.


You should know, first of all, how much weight your winch can support, and the weight of what you are going to pull. Pulling a heavy load can require that use of two winches or a snatch block. If you don't use these measures, you risk dangerous winch failure. The good thing is that most winches of today are equipped with a shear pin that breaks free when the load is beyond its capacity.


Make sure to take the weight of your gear and the weight of your car when you are going off roading. At a weigh station, weigh your off road vehicle loaded with all the gear and equipment that you will use together with your food and fuel. When it is weighed you will know how much your winch needs to lift, which is surely a lot, lot more than what you vehicle weighs.


Before buying a 12500lb Winch, make sure how you are going to use it - pulling objects or lifting them. This is because hoisting hand winches are very much different from pulling winches. Do not use a pulling winch to hoist, and vice versa. A hoist winch has more safety features and better locking mechanisms which ensures that the loads don't fall and smash to the ground, destroying them and injuring people around.


To reduce stress on the winch and the cable, make sure that you run the line as straight as possible. This will also make winching easier. People should stay away from the winch cable when it is being used. They should stand as far away as possible and make sure you don't step over it. If the cable breaks, it may recoil and case injuries for those who are nearby.


Use gloves when you are using the winch. You can prevent blisters from forming in your hands with work gloves. Gloves can also give you a better grip of the winch handle. If there are wire strands that have frayed, gloves will protect your hands from getting cuts.


If you follow these safety tips, you and all those around you will be kept safe when you are using the 2 speed hand winch. You can visit the hand winch center if you want more information on choosing a winch and using it properly.